Mobile Challenge


Design a mobile app project  that uses cell phones and the internet to capture local knowledge about the environment. Think about making the project work in both directions: how can  local knowledge  help scientists and  how can the data that scientists collect (for example, satellite data) help local communities. In other words, what's in it for the scientists and what's in it for the citizens who will be collecting or analysing data using your mobile app.  


For some ideas about what such a project might look like, take a look at this project and this project, both from recent hack days we did. You might also be able to use this platform.



Sensor Challenge


Design a micro controller environment sensor project that citizens can easily build and deploy.


What kind of data would it be interesting to collect? How would you display it? How could other citizens refine or use the data, once it's displayed on the web. Could you use social media to collect or refine the data? 


Social Media Challenge.


Design a citizen science project that uses social media like twitter or instagram to collect or share data.


To get an idea of the possibilities, take a look at this project, which uses twitter to share real-time information.  Or this project, which uses twitter to gather information about the aurora borealis.