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The aim of the course is to give you a basic introduction to the techniques and methods of citizen science. 


We will structure the course as a Hack Day challenge, in which teams will develop entries for challenges.  At the end of the second day, each team will present its entry. Grades for the course will be based on team entries.  


Throughout the two days, we will offer running tutorials on microprocessor set-up, device connectivity and data visualisation. 


30 July 


Morning:  Introduction and Brainstorming


Introduction: We'll start the morning by introducing you to the idea of a hack day and to citizen science. Diana and I will present some intro slides and we will also hear from community elders. 


Some of the questions we'll be asking are: 


  • What do we know about climate change? 
  • What can we do about it? 
  • How can citizen science help? 


Remember, the challenge of the course is to get local knowledge and science to work together. 


Teaming up: We'll end the morning by teaming up in groups. It will be up to each team to choose a challenge. Over the next day and a half you and your team-mates will work towards a presentation.


Afternoon: Project and Skills Development 


In the afternoon we'll work on developing project ideas and learning some new skills to get each group's projects going. Brian will be holding arduino training sessions as well and Diana will help with mobile projects. 

31 July


Morning: Projects and presentations


In the morning we'll work on refining each group's ideas and looking at how the ideas will be presented. We'll also be doing more arduino and mobile tutorials. 


Afternoon: Presentations and Judging. 


In the afternoon, we'll work on honing presentations, and in the last hour each group will present a project and Diana and Brian will judge. 

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